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Fri Aug 15 13:25:54 PDT 1997

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Begin message:
Subject:      Need contributions to slow Cyberpromotions down..
From:         Peter Cumming <pcumming at>
Message-Id:   <3363AD45.357E at>
Organization: Netcom
Reply-To:     pcumming at

I have found a Private Investigator within distance of Sanford Wallace
Cyberpromotions business to look into his affairs personally. All
results will be posted on the webpages of those who have one (I do not)
and all newsgroups.

The PI quoted $1,000. I will put up $250 and had some others add some
money but we are not even halfway there. So pass the word and some money
if you care to be a part of the following.

The info that the PI will obtain will consist of (for Sanford W) DOB,
DMV, Car type, Tag#, Bank accounts, home number, cell number, phone
calls made in last 30 days, childrens name, home address, SSN, bank
cards held, credit report, etc.. 
I do not have $1,000 this year to throw at this but if you are
interested in helping out or have better ideas let me know. I will put
in $250. No checks will be sent to me, all to the PI if we come up with
the necessary $1,000. Also will need some good volunteers to put out
some web pages with the info I post. It is up to whomever to use the
info as they see fit. It is not my responsibility.



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