Fascism at Work

Anonymous anon at anon.efga.org
Fri Aug 15 11:14:55 PDT 1997

At 06:30 PM 8/15/97 +0200, you wrote:
>	WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department today closed its
>investigation into whether the FBI's former deputy director tried to
>obstruct an inquiry into the deadly 1992 seige at Ruby Ridge, Idaho,
>saying it lacked evidence to bring criminal charges, governent officials

The bodies of Weaver's son and wife should be evidence enough!  This is the same verdict as the Texas Border murders, some dick federal agent blows away some innocent civilian, and gets off the hook.

>	The Justice Department decided not to bring charges against former
>FBI Deputy Director Larry Potts or Danny Coulson, Potts' deputy during the
>1992 seige at the remote cabin of white supremacist Randy Weaver, said
>government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

To those who say government workers aren't above the law: You're wrong.  Damn wrong.  Almost any of these pricks can kill your children and/or wife, and get away with it.  If anyone bumps these assholes off, I'm gonna applaud.

>The Justice Department informed lawmakers and lawyers for the FBI agents
>that its review did not warrant any further criminal charges, but it left
>open the possibility of disciplinary action.

The only appropriate action is death to the murdering bastards who shot his wife and kid.  Kill the murdering sons of bitches!

>	The department said in a statement obtained by The Associated
>Press, "The available evidence does not support further criminal
>prosecution of FBI officials ... from the August 1992 incident at Ruby

Dead bodies don't just *happen*, someone makes them dead, in this case, the FBI schills who blew away innocents.  That makes them guilty as sin, and for that, they should die slowly, and painfully.

Someone, please, put some bullet holes in FBI Agents if they ever come to your house.  Someone needs to teach these bastards a lesson.

It seems that everything like this happens because some agency fucks something up.  Waco happened because the BATF ran in like dumbasses and fucked everything up.  At Ruby Ridge, some FBI dick screws up, killing Mr. Weaver's child and wife.  At the Texas B!
order, they blew away a kid with a .22 rifle, while on "Drug Patrol".  What's should be done about these incidents?  Kil those who participated, and make sure to shoot to kill if some agents from a TLA come to YOUR house.

And they wonder why McVeigh said "Enough!"

"There's somthing wrong when innocent people die because of fascist use of military forces."

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