Text of Clinton's remarks on child safety locks for handguns

Declan McCullagh declan at well.com
Thu Aug 14 13:06:43 PDT 1997

	This week, Smith and Wesson -- the world's largest manufacturer
of handguns -- announced that it is forging a partnership with the
Master Lock Company to provide a child safety lock with every handgun
sold for commercial use.  I applaud both of these companies for their
efforts to promote gun safety.
	I particularly want to commend Smith and Wesson for taking an
important and responsible step for children's safety.  Child safety
locks are the right thing to do. In 1994, 185 children were killed by
accidental gunshot wounds.  That is why my anti-gang and youth
violence legislation would require that all federally licensed gun
dealers provide such safety devices with every handgun sold.  And
that is why on March 3rd I ordered all federal agencies to provide
child safety locks with the thousands of handguns they issue to
federal law enforcement officers.
	Child safety locks have garnered the wide support of law
enforcement, the medical community, many local governments, and now a
part of the firearms manufacturing industry.  This fall the full
Senate considers the anti-juvenile crime legislation. I hope they
will include the child safety lock as part of the legislation.

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