Text of Clinton's remarks on child safety locks for handguns

Jason William RENNIE jrennie at hardy.ocs.mq.edu.au
Thu Aug 14 17:35:37 PDT 1997

> 	This week, Smith and Wesson -- the world's largest manufacturer
> of handguns -- announced that it is forging a partnership with the
> Master Lock Company to provide a child safety lock with every handgun
> sold for commercial use.  I applaud both of these companies for their
> efforts to promote gun safety.

Well this bit sound reasonable enough.

> accidental gunshot wounds.  That is why my anti-gang and youth
> violence legislation would require that all federally licensed gun
> dealers provide such safety devices with every handgun sold.  And

Ahh ... ha the truth comes forth. The question i have is, what is 
Clintons anti-gang legislation ?? Given i'm in oz and dont follow US news 
much ?? 

So can anyubody shed some light on this ??


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