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Tue Aug 12 06:26:40 PDT 1997

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> Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> > There's a crackpot by the name of Guy Polis (guy at, polis_guy@
> > who posts a crackpot "cryptographic manifesto" and sounds
> > like a bad troll intended to make the folks who promote the use of crypto
> > look like, well, crackpots. Be warned.
> Tim May wrote:
> >  Yeah, and like we're gun-nuts, too!
> Rabid Wombat wrote:
> >The mammalian jackass is also claiming that all crypto promoters 
> > are marsupials.
>   As long as he doesn't accuse us of of being mathematicians...
> Does anyone remember what 5 + 7 is equal to? (Send the answer by
> encrypted, private email. Secrecy is essential to my work.)
> Peter Trei
> trei at

Neat! I thought I was too boring a person to bother forging messages

Of course, there's a subtext to the question I allegedly ask - 5 is a 
number whose signifcance is well known to devotees of Eris, and 7 
shall not be spoken of.

W .'. Peter Trei, MM, PM, RAM, 32' AASR(NJ)

trei at

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