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Wed Aug 13 17:44:31 PDT 1997

On Wed, Aug 13, 1997 at 04:43:08PM +0000, Paul Bradley wrote:
> > > drunken rants are one thing, and are easily deleted, but impersonating me
> > > is straight out of Detweiler's book. Must be something about Cypherpunks
> > > that brings out this urge to impersonate.
> > 
> > Toto's drunked rants and the most valuable traffic on this mailing list
> > these days - I read them and usually save them.  Tim May's censorship
> > rants make him sonnd like kent Krispin.
> I agree, Toto makes some of the best posts to the list,

Toto, in my opinion, is by far the most talented writer on this list. 
Furthermore, unlike many, he is not hobgoblined by consistency -- he
is deep enough and courageous enough to give his own internal
contradictions free expression, and is open to a far wider range of 
opinions than most people.

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