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Fri Aug 8 07:29:41 PDT 1997


On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> ? the Platypus {aka David Formosa} <dformosa at> writes:
> > I don't think Mr Lewis' algeded activerties with childeren have any
> > validity to the argument.  Calling him a 'Pedophile' or any other name is
> > not effective in changing my option about this mattor.
> "Chris Lewis" is a common name.

But every body in this context know who you are talking about.  How many
other Chris Lewises are involved in spam canceling.  Even if that was
unstafactory you could of appened his name with his email address wich is

> "Pedophile Chris Lewis" serves to identify

It also helps discreadit you.  I know that you are a resonable and sane
person.  And many of your arguments are valid but others don't know you
thay well and makeing comments like the above can harm your postion.

> > As yet I have seen only the one, could you provide these other examples
> > where Chris Lewis has perposly canceled posts that he dosn't like.


> I said, there were dozens of examples of cancel-forgers who claim to be
> cancelling "spam" (i.e. multi-posts),

Oh sorry I missparsed what you meant.  I fully appologise for any harm


> > It seems to me more in the range of hours or days, esp in the case of
> > uucp sites wich don't connect often.
> This was the case many years ago.  These days, a spam propagates pretty
> much everywhere because the cancels catch up with it.

I would wonder how we could test artical propergation times,  anyone with
some stats.


> > There _is_ I'm talking about present tence.  Any anty spammer who dosn't
> > follow the convention is going to be stopped or losse there account (eg
> > David Richards).
> David Richards is the sysop of the Ripco BBS in Chicago.

My bots say he is not issueing any cancels.  Unless he has discoved a way
to hide.  He was recently whining about how the nasty cabal stopped him
from canceling.


> > And yes if thay set the reply-to: feild of the message to me I do consider
> > it my post and cancelble from me.
> To hell with cancels, but you should be able to issue a retraction nocem.

Yes I should (and I will).  Still working on that darn bot.


> One of
> the complainers wrote from a work account - I tried to get him fired and
> apparently succeeded :-) :-) :-)

I thourt you where against plug pulling?


> > The creadit card securaty system is so fundermently flawed as to be
> > the equiverlent of sticking a large sign on your forhead marked "ROB
> > ME"
> That's right, except in the U.S. various laws protect the consumer.

Since when have laws stopped crimminals?  Systems should be set up so that
thay can't be abused reather then inposing half assed laws ontop of a
basicly broken system.

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