forged cancels (Re: Entrust Technologies's Solo - free download)

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Wed Aug 6 19:07:46 PDT 1997

Tim Skirvin <tskirvin at> writes:
> >Yes, there are lots of folks who forge cancels for "inappropriate cross-
> >posts" in the "big 8".
> 	Not accepted ones.  They're treated as rogues, and asked to stop
> it, and you know it.

Net.Scum like Chris Lewis, Jan Isley, Tim Brown, Bob Curtis, etc are treated
as rogues by me and my friends and told to stop by me and my friends - and
if they don't stop, we usually get their plugs pulled.  Tim Skirvin defended
net-abuse by Jan Isley, just as he defends the "UDP" against UUNet.

> > Please be advised that all of Tim Skirvin's FAQs are full of lies (except
> > for the parts plagiarized from David Stodolsky :-).
> 	Umm, no.

Examples of lies in Tim Skirvin's Magnum Opus, the "Cancel FAQ" (what else):


]What is a Cancelbot?
]	A Cancelbot is a program that searches for messages matching a
]certain pattern and sends out cancels for them all.
]Sounds cool.  Where do I get one?
]	If you have to ask, you don't get one.
]What?  Why not?

My cancelbot has been freely available for over 18 months.  I've pointed
this out repeatedly to Tim Skirvin who continues to provide an answer to
a truly frequently asked question that reflects Skirvin's view of what
the reality should be, rather than the reality.


]What is Dave the Resurrector?
]	After a particularly obnoxious run of cancels from,
]Chris Lewis decided that it was time to write a program to repost stuff
]that was cancelled on  The Resurrector, named
]Dave, was the result.
]	The effect of this is that cancels to
]are not effective unless Chris says so.

It has been pointed out many times that Chris Lewis does NOT repost cancelled
articles when he doesn't like the authors, such as myself.


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