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On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> ? the Platypus {aka David Formosa} <dformosa at> writes:
> > Dose threats from a multynatnatil corpration count?  Dose living in
> > Austrlia count?
> Evidently these haven't made you into a staunch opponent of censorship.

Just because I do not copy your more rabid tacktics dose not mean that I
am anyless an opponent of censorship.  I fight it in my own way, as well
all must do.


> Tim Skirvin presents these "newbies" with a false view of Usenet as a
> unified front of news admins who have all reached consensus that free
> speech is evil and are now fighting the evil spammers.

There is a strong aggreyment amounst most admins for the policy of spam
canceling if there wasn't all hell would have broken out sooner.

> > This is interesting,  proof please.
> Check out Chris Lewis's Net.Scum page at
> Find "Edward Gerk" - one of the people who quoted Chris Lewis and whose
> articles Chris Lewis canceled for "copyright violations".

I check it out,  there is a slight diffrence you can see from the staments
that he had maid that it was in addtion to him being in excess of BI.

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