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? the Platypus {aka David Formosa} <dformosa at> writes:

> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> > I think the extreme aversion to censorship (like that displayed by imp
> > and myself) seldom arises in people who haven't themselves been victims
> > of censorship
> Dose threats from a multynatnatil corpration count?  Dose living in
> Austrlia count?

Evidently these haven't made you into a staunch opponent of censorship.
Perhaps if they did succeed in pulling your plug, you'd feel differently.

> > The current top "spam canceller", Rich Bland ("cosmo")
> Jem seems to have gotten to the top of the list now.

I haven't been tracking the forgers lately.  For those who don't know
John E. Milburn: he's an expatriate U.S. engineer who used to work in
South Korea and forge cancels from there in a variety of newsgroups
(like alt.religion.monica). I caught him forging a cancel for one of
my articles (for "homophobia" and "excessive cross-posting"). Milburn
lost his job in Korea last year (possibly because of the complaints
about his net-abuse) and announced his "retirement" from forging cancels.
I'm sorry to see this bastard back.

> > I was just pointing out that it's factually incorrect to use
> > "admins" as a synonym for "anti-spammers".
> No sane person would suggest that (i.e. lots of peaple on usenet would
> make that suggestion) because if it was true then we wouldn't have the
> problems with agis or uunet.

Tim Skirvin presents these "newbies" with a false view of Usenet as a
unified front of news admins who have all reached consensus that free
speech is evil and are now fighting the evil spammers.

> > Chris Lewis and Dave Barr obth
> > forge cancels for usenet articles that follow up on their articles and quot
> > them, claiming "copyright violations".
> This is interesting,  proof please.

Check out Chris Lewis's Net.Scum page at
Find "Edward Gerk" - one of the people who quoted Chris Lewis and whose
articles Chris Lewis canceled for "copyright violations".

Next check out Barr's Net.Scum page at
Find "Alain Larouche" - same thing.

> > Once the offending articles are part of the spool on toher site, it's
> > pointless for me to issue cancels.
> Not even to free up diskspace?



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