"A new battle over keeping the Net clean," by J.Weber/LATimes

Tim May tcmay at got.net
Fri Aug 8 01:19:10 PDT 1997

At 3:23 PM -0700 8/5/97, bpettigrew at usa.net wrote:

>The solution to bad speech is more speech.  Don't suppress, ban,
>or oppose RSAC.  Provide alternatives.

Most of us aren't trying to "ban" labels, or suppress or oppose them, per se.

Just to ban, suppress, and oppose:

- any scheme to require them

- any scheme in which labels are an "affirmative defense"

- any "mandatory voluntary" schemes

- any moves to legislate or dictate the forms labels may take

--Tim May

Voluntary Mandatory Self-Rating of this Article
(U.S. Statute 43-666-970719).
Warning: Failure to Correctly and Completely Label any Article or Utterance
is a Felony under the "Children's Internet Safety Act of 1997," punishable
by 6 months for the first offense, two years for each additional offense,
and a $100,000 fine per offense. Reminder: The PICS/RSACi label must itself
not contain material in violation of the Act.

** PICS/RSACi Voluntary Self-Rating (Text Form) ** :

Suitable for Children: yes  Age Rating: 5 years and up.
Suitable for Christians: No Suitable for Moslems: No  Hindus: Yes
Pacifists: No  Government Officials: No  Nihilists: Yes  Anarchists: Yes
Vegetarians: Yes  Vegans: No  Homosexuals: No  Atheists: Yes
Caucasoids: Yes  Negroids: No  Mongoloids: Yes
Bipolar Disorder: No  MPD: Yes and No  Attention Deficit Disorder:Huh?

--Contains discussions of sexuality, rebellion, anarchy, chaos,torture,
regicide, presicide, suicide, aptical foddering.
--Contains references hurtful to persons of poundage and people of
color.Sensitive persons are advised to skip this article.

Estimated number of readers qualified to read this: 1
Composite Age Rating: 45 years

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