"A new battle over keeping the Net clean," by J.Weber/LATimes

bpettigrew at usa.net bpettigrew at usa.net
Tue Aug 5 14:48:37 PDT 1997

>At the moment, moreover, it doesn't appear that there are a variety 
>ratings systems under development representing different values. In 
>a system being created by the Recreational Software Advisory Council, 
>Microsoft-led industry group, is quickly emerging as a de facto 

The problem isn't with PICS, or with ratings, or even with RSAC.  The
problem is that nobody else is making the effort to set up alternative
rating systems.  This leaves RSAC as the only option, by default.

Let the free speech organizations demonstrate their commitment to 
cause by creating their own ratings.  Rank sites on the basis of their
support of freedom, or on how privacy-friendly their policies are.
Even formalize the geek code.  Do something, anyway.

The solution to bad speech is more speech.  Don't suppress, ban,
or oppose RSAC.  Provide alternatives.


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