Introduction of MISTY

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Subject: Introduction of MISTY
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For those people who don't know MISTY, which is listed in "Algorithm
independence" of "Input requested for SET version 2.0 priorities",
please let me introduce it to you.

MISTY is a symmetric key cryptographic algorithm and has the following
excellent features:

(1)  Provable Security
    MISTY is mathematically proved to be strong enough against the
  two types of known cryptanalysis attack --- differential cryptanalysis
  and linear cryptanalysis.

(2)  High Performance
    MISTY has a parallel computation nature as an algorithm. So you can
  achieve high performance on both software and hardware. The algorithm
  itself does NOT depend on any special platforms.

You can also get the information about MISTY from the following Web pages.

Please feel free to ask any questions to us. We would be happy to answer
your questions.

Jun Yoshitake

Senior Research Engineer
Information Security Department
Information Technology R & D Center
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

5-1-1 Ofuna, Kamakura, Kanagawa 247, JAPAN
Phone : +81-467-41-2182,  FAX : +81-467-41-2138
yositake at

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