MicroGorilla Postpones Rocket-Launch Plans Until..."likely sometime next year."

Neva Remailer nobody at neva.org
Wed Aug 6 17:39:53 PDT 1997

>Anonymous wrote:(c)
> > The "Not-News Gorilla NutWork" was rocket-launched in the Mohave Desert
> > early yesterday morning  by a rag-tag bunch of paramilitarist computer
> > gurus who unveiled an InterNet Bill of Bytes that included the words,
> > "MicroSoft shall make no laws..."

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> Microsoft Corp. has tabled plans to include new technology in its
> Internet Explorer 4.0 browser that would have made "news" oriented
> sites exempt from content rating standards promoted for use on the
> Internet.

>Anonymous wrote:(o)
> > Angered by a self-appointed council of computer industry magnates who
> > have announced their intention to seize fascist control of the quickly
> > burdgeoning Information Highway by controlling the definition of all
> > information, the rebels set up a shooting range which contained a wide
> > variety of targets ranging from copies of the Wall Street Journal to
> > life-sized cardboard cut-outs of a hooded figure referred to only as,
> > "a billionaire to be named later."

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> RSAC President C. Dianne Martin said Microsoft is running out of time
> to implement the separate designation for news sites before the launch
> of the 4.0 version of Explorer later this year.

>Anonymous wrote:(e)
> >   "We have decided on two classes of ratings." explained a tassle-
> > haired young woman as she slid shells into a Winchester Defender
> > sitting on her lap. "On..." she said, lifting the shotgun with one
> > hand, then liberating the hooded head from a nearby cardboard cut-out,
> > before turning back to say, with a Cheshire grin, "...and _off_."

Steven Vonder Haar wrote, the very next day:
> However, the company
> plans to include the news designation in the 5.0 version of Explorer
> when it is made available..."likely sometime next year."

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