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On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> wireinfo <wireinfo at> writes:


> > You're not very bright are you David?
> In my humble opinion David is pretty bright.  Unfortunately he's misguided
> about certain things.  

Thankyou,  I feel almost the same thing about you :D

> I think the extreme aversion to censorship (like that displayed by imp
> and myself) seldom arises in people who haven't themselves been victims
> of censorship

Dose threats from a multynatnatil corpration count?  Dose living in
Austrlia count?

> The current top "spam canceller", Rich Bland ("cosmo")

Jem seems to have gotten to the top of the list now.


> Most of the people who scream about their "hatred of spam" on news.* are not
> admins, but fairly recent users who figure that "fighting spam" is a cool 
> thing.

Meany of the "I'm pissed off with spam" peaple lack knowlige of the
conciquencers both social and technical of what thay are suggesting.  In
fact there are membours of the anty-cancelers that I trust more then

That being said thouse that are in the center, are more resonable and are
worryed about there activeriese have my support.


> I was just pointing out that it's factually incorrect to use
> "admins" as a synonym for "anti-spammers".  

No sane person would suggest that (i.e. lots of peaple on usenet would
make that suggestion) because if it was true then we wouldn't have the
problems with agis or uunet.

> Many admins are pro-free speech.

I woundn't have it any other way.


> Chris Lewis and Dave Barr obth
> forge cancels for usenet articles that follow up on their articles and quote
> them, claiming "copyright violations".

This is interesting,  proof please.


> Once the offending articles are part of the spool on toher site, it's 
> pointless for me to issue cancels. 

Not even to free up diskspace?

> Note that both have happened:

I know.

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