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	Welcome to the Southern California Rave mailing list!


     Better known as SoCal-Raves, this list is for the discussion of
anything having to do with raves and the underground club/dance scene
in the Southern California area.  This includes the counties of Los
Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and possibly
Ventura and Santa Barbara as well.
     Don't let the broad area scare you.  This list is about the local
scene.  About what is happening near you.  Although rave flyers seem
to think L.A. and San Diego are the only places local DJs are from,
there is quite possibly something going on in your backyard.  And this
is the place to talk about it.

     Appropriate topics include:
       - announcements of upcoming events in the Southern California 
       - reviews of shows/raves/DJs/music/etc.
       - rave-culture like clothes, smart drinks, rave attitude, etc.
       - local radio shows and stations that play rave and techno.
       - where to find the music, clothes, etc.
       - rave picnics and other non-rave rave-related events.
       - how to throw your own rave (and not get busted).
       ...and almost anything else rave related or related to the
          local scene.

     Try not to discuss raves not in the Southern California area or
subjects that don't have anything to do with raves or this area.
Though some discussions of other rave scenes may at times be
appropriate.  And try to keep from getting into flame wars and overly
personal discussions on the list.  Some comments are probably better
kept to personal mail.  Keep in mind that what you are sending to the
list you are sending to everybody.
      Other than that, go for it.  This is your list.  Your scene.
I'm hoping that this list can be a catalyst for helping to improve and
unify the scene in SoCal.  At least we should be able to get that
"community" feeling that so many have trouble finding in the SoCal
rave scene.  And maybe, some day soon, we might even be throwing our
own raves just as the SFRaves list has.

      This list should also be a good place to find out about the
scene in SoCal.  Hopefully soon there will be a calendar list.  In the
mean time please send me any info you have on upcoming raves and I
will compile an upcoming rave calendar and post it to the list once a

      Now for the technical stuff:

      - Any mail sent to socal-raves at will get sent out to
        everyone who subscribes to the list.
      - socal-raves-request at should be used to subscribe and
        unsubscribe to the list.  To subscribe you should send a
        message with the line "sub socal-raves" or 
        "sub <email address> socal-raves" in the body of the message,
        not the subject line.  The latter form should be used if you
        want to use an address other than the one shown in the "From:"
        line of the message.  If at any time you want to unsubscribe
        or delete your name from the list (we would miss you) the line
        would be "del socal-raves".  If you need help send a message
        with the line "HELP" and you will get a help file on how to
        use the listserv.

      - Administrative problems about the list should be sent to
        socal-raves-relay at and Vigor Mortis, list administrator
        extraordinaire, will take care of you.
      - Any other SoCal-Raves list questions and rave info (for the
        calendar) should go to me at underdog at

      Some info about me.  When I started college about a five years
ago I was intrigued by industrial music that was nameless to me at the
time.  Within a year or two I was doing an industrial radio show and
going to underground clubs that played everything from acid house to
industrial danse.  Although many of these clubs were illegal, there
was not a lot of hype, and they were definitely better than the L.A.
club scene (which always seemed to me to be one big pickup joint/ meat
market).  They were basic.  Raw.  Even tribal.  Full of energy.  They
gave me a place to dance without feeling pressured to ask some woman
to dance with me who could care less.  I really wanted to start a
"gypsy club" of my own in Orange County.  Not for profit, just so that
people might have a local place to go.  But too many things and people
conspired against me.
     Then the word "rave" came into existence and shortly following
808 State's new album.  It seemed to me that all the energy of
Industrial, and the groove of Acid House was forming a new "Techno"
genre and a new scene.  This was a fresh injection of energy.  The
underground parties grew up.  There was new hype and new ideas.  More
of my friends came with me to rave.  And the birth of a new radio
station helped expand the scene.
      It was fun and still is.  But the radio station died.  The scene
mostly caved in on it's own weight (hype and greed only go so far).
Big raves that I paid good money for didn't happen.  And we are left
with what?
      There is still that sense of acceptance.  The sense of unity and
anything goes.  And I think we are starting to come back to that old
feeling of community and being a part of something again.  This summer
a few friends and I were even able to throw a few free outdoor raves.
Though small, these were to be the start of a regular thing for the
summer but the fourth one got busted and we stopped.  I'm hoping that
it will happen again though (legally :).
      The underground scene here always seems to be able to recreate

      Remember,the rave scene is for and about the people.  About
individual empowerment.  Where an artist in a bedroom can get as big
as the world will allow and where 'people' not 'person' are the center
of attention.

      Big thanks go out to Brian (Vitamin B) and the SFRaves mailing
list for inspiration, Dana Watanabe my co-conspirator in raves and
other things, and Andy Ferrell (Vigor Mortis) for administrating and
offering a place for the SoCal-Raves list.

      I hope you enjoy this list as much as I do.
      Peace and Love.  And may you find a rave wherever you are.


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