spam is good for you

Zooko Journeyman zooko at
Sun Aug 3 03:55:03 PDT 1997

I like it when spam is sent to the cpunks list because it makes the list
less accessible to lamers and wanna-be censors while not really
hurting its value to people who are familiar with configurable/
scriptable mail agents.

(Heck, I've considered 99% of cpunks traffic to be about the
same flavor as spam on my palate for years, so I'm already
comfortable with using heavy filtering as a matter of course.)

In other news, I'm going to  HIP  
and I'm thinking I should have a t-shirt made to piss off the
self-righteous socialist anti-spam activists.  My favorite 
slogan so far is "I may disagree with every spam you send, but
I will defend to the death your right to spam it. --Voltaire".
I consider this to be a powerful meme to broadcast at those
low-tech lawmongers, but it isn't sufficiently.. um.. offensive.
Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

Of course I have to include my e-mail address on the shirt so
that those who are offended by my advocacy of absolute freedom
of speech can try to mailbomb me.



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