Joichi Ito as a Junior Policeman

Tim May tcmay at
Fri Aug 1 23:52:37 PDT 1997

At 10:31 PM -0700 8/1/97, Joichi Ito wrote:

>I can't tell you about any of the other stuff that is currently being
>in the study group, but once the report becomes public, I will try to get
>an English version up on the Net. It should end up being the Japanese
>National Poice Agency's official position on Key Escrow, Certification
>Authorities, and several other issues.

And why are you helping to write a report that will be the "official
position" of the Japanese cops?

>I will be participating in another study group soon to discuss many of
>these issues with the Self Defense Force from the point of view of
>Japanese national security as well as another NPA study group on
>what to do about "crackers"... Anyway, if anyone who can give me some
>insight into these areas will be at HIP, I'd love to chat. ;-)

And why are working for the "Self Defense Force" (the Japanese DOD, for
those not familiar with the terminology).

The JDF is notoriously militaristic. You should reconsider this.

And Cypherpunks should be very careful about "advising" an obviously
co-opted member of the Japanese military and police establishment.

Use crypto to undermine such entities, not support them. Crypto will
unleash anarchy on the world.

>Thanks again.
>- Joi
>P.S. I am not a "policeman" but an outside boardmember of these
>study groups. The ministries are under quite a bit of scrutiny these
>days and the study groups tend to be quite frank and balanced.
>The reports don't always dictate the law, but since most politicians
>do not have real staffers, therefore most of the expert study is done in the

You sound like a "junior policeman" to me.

Another person to add to the killfiles.


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