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Fri Aug 1 22:57:47 PDT 1997

Thanks to everyone who sent me information about Key Recovery.

FYI, I gave a fairly objective update on the current status of the bills being
debated in the US, distributed the Walsh Report (missing some paragraphs)
and reviewed John Davidson's comments on the report, distributed and
reviewed "The Risks of Key Recover, Key Escrow and Trusted Third-Party
Encryption", distributed and reviewed most of the material written by
Carl Ellison, reviewed the recent letter from Janet Reno to Congress,
distributed Whit Diffie's May '93 testimony on Clipper, and finished by
distributing materials from the TIS site, in particular going over RecoverKey.

I can't tell you about any of the other stuff that is currently being
in the study group, but once the report becomes public, I will try to get
an English version up on the Net. It should end up being the Japanese
National Poice Agency's official position on Key Escrow, Certification
Authorities, and several other issues.

I will be participating in another study group soon to discuss many of
these issues with the Self Defense Force from the point of view of
Japanese national security as well as another NPA study group on
what to do about "crackers"... Anyway, if anyone who can give me some
insight into these areas will be at HIP, I'd love to chat. ;-)

Thanks again.

- Joi

P.S. I am not a "policeman" but an outside boardmember of these
study groups. The ministries are under quite a bit of scrutiny these
days and the study groups tend to be quite frank and balanced.
The reports don't always dictate the law, but since most politicians
do not have real staffers, therefore most of the expert study is done in the

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