Using Strong Crypto to Forcefully Liberate Palestine

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Fri Aug 1 17:57:53 PDT 1997

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>Human rights groups favor strong encryption abroad
>  WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (Reuter) - Human rights activists came to Capitol Hill
>on Friday to tell lawmakers of their need to use strong computer encoding
>programs, subject to strict U.S. export limits, in their work outside the

I rather suspect that the human rights groups working for the liberation of
Palestinians are characterized as "terrorists" by the Zionists and by the
U.S. Government for their work in helping to destroy the Zionist Entity.

As this relates to crypto, don't we all think the U.S. Government would
provide decryption keys if the exported Key Recovery software were being
used by the freedom fighters against the Zionist Entity?

Likewise, Phil Zimmermann's favorite example, the freedom fighters in the
jungles of Burma, using laptops and PGP to fight the Rangoon-based
oppressors, would be "turned" by the USG just as soon as it became policy
to support the government in Rangoon.

No human rights group can ever count on the USG. And why anyone who thinks
this is welcome to escrow their keys voluntarily. But if they try to escrow
the keys of others, they need to be taken care of in the usual way.

--Tim May

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