JYA Axed

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Fri Aug 1 17:53:07 PDT 1997

The ISP for jya.com, PrimeHost, an AOL subisidiary, has axed
the site.

We learned of this today after trying for a week to get an answer 
to why the site vanished. Tech said call Sales, Sales said it's not 
us, it's got to be Tech. Tech said it's definitely not us, and if it's
not Sales or us it must be Bosses.

Finally, a Boss was reached who said the site was "intentionally pulled." 
He claimed that it was "not a serious problem, so don't be alarmed," 
and sang cheerily about "some files" without elaboration.

Maybe more next week, and we pray it turns out to be hysterically
alarming and not merely a pissed Intel Prop owner seeking pay.

JYX.com is still up, thanks to PrimeHost's autosub. Ten files there -- 
so far.

We're humping to get the latest 60-page package of the RSA v. PGP 
suit there this weekend, thanks to Nobody.

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