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Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Sat Aug 2 08:21:08 PDT 1997

Tim Skirvin <tskirvin at> writes:

> Adam Back <aba at> writes:
> > Newsadmins who auto-cancel cross-posts are acting counter-productively
> > and censorously.

Once again, the net.Scum who forges cancels are generally NOT news admins.

Please examine Net.Scum web pages for the self-appointed censors like
Tim Brown ( or Bob Curtis
(../curtisb0.html) when the site is up again.  Indeed, Bob Curtis's
example is very telling - he tried to "take over" an unmoderated
newsgroup, claiming to represent some "Usenet administration", and
forging cancels for articles that exposed his lies.

> 	I'm not aware of anybody that does that.  The only crossposts that
> are killed are those that reach a BI of 20, and for a single post to do
> that would require the message to be crossposted to 400 newsgroups.  Which
> doesn't happen.

Here's one counterexample. Yes, it's in the
regional relcom.* hierarchy.  Yes, there are lots of folks who forge cancels
for "inappropriate cross-posts" in the "big 8". I won't bother looking
for them because Tim Skirvin knows about it and is simply lying.

]Path: ...!!globalcenter1!!!!!!sovam!Gamma.RU!srcc!!!dmart
]From: dmart at (Dmitri Martynoff)
]Newsgroups: relcom.commerce.computers,relcom.commerce.communications,relcom.demos.commerce,relcom.netnews,relcom.tcpip,relcom.www.users,,,
]Subject: cmsg cancel <33c3c4a0.2317359 at>
]Control: cancel <33c3c4a0.2317359 at>
]Date: 9 Jul 1997 01:11:51 GMT
]Organization: Relcom/Eunet InterNetNews site
]Lines: 3
]Sender: vad at (Vadim Daskovsky)
]Approved: dmart at
]Message-ID: <5puogn$9f0$1 at>
]Excessive crossposting a.k.a. SPAM canceled. See Usenet newsgroup
] for details.
]Coordinator of relcom.* newsgroups Dmitri Martynoff <dmart at>.

And now some friends of Tim are forging cancels for any traffic originating
from UUNet, irrespective of contents, and Tim Skirvin approves of it.

Tell your news admin to stop processing cancels immediately.

> 	It might interest you to know that a cancel will kill all the
> crossposts in a single message, BTW.  Your "cancelling 99 of the 100
> articles thing" does save lots of reader time.
> 	(If you're going to talk about cancels authoritatively, please
> read my Cancel FAQ - it's got huge piles of information on this stuff.)

Please be advised that all of Tim Skirvin's FAQs are full of lies (except
for the parts plagiarized from David Stodolsky :-).


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