forged cancels (Re: Entrust Technologies's Solo - free download)

Paul Bradley paul at
Mon Aug 4 11:15:21 PDT 1997

> > > Ok so if a mailing list gateway pumps thousands of broken
> > > posts into usenet you don't wish them to be removed from usenet?
> > 
> > That would be for Dimitri to decide for himself, and not for some 
> > cocksucker to take a unilateral decision on.
> I have made no such unilateral decision,  I have simply asked a question
> of the good Doctor.

Quite so, maybe this was phrased in such a way as it looked insulting to 
you, it wasn`t intended to be so, merely a general swipe at cancel-forgers.

> > Of course disabling cancels on all news-servers would mean such a freak
> > article couldn`t be cancelled, even by it`s author, 
> Wouldn't authentercated cancel models be better so an artical could be
> cancelled by its author and no other.

This would be a good idea, which I thought about when I posted the 
article, but it`s probably too much to expect all the news-admins of the 
major sites to keep up to date with their s/w and for the s/w authors to 
write in such functionality, just turning of cancels is easier. 

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