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Wed Feb 21 01:27:36 PST 1996

At 06:10 PM 2/20/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>  ** fairly remarkable coincidences.  Or is it that great minds
>>  think alike?
>heh, actually the Elementrix POTP sounds like plaintext-driven autokey  
>cipher and probably wouldn't be offensive if they weren't touting it as a  

Yes, that's true, but they also allude to "a large number of randomly
spinning dice" [rotors?] of which some are selected by contents [perhaps]
the autokey stream.  This from a discussion held with the POTP people.  The
allusion to the numerous 'dice' is what suggested to me a similarity with
the new [unknown but perfect, of course] system.  The autokey of POTP was
supposedly only part of the scheme....

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