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Wed Feb 21 01:32:20 PST 1996

At 01:00 PM 2/20/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Derek - We accept the gaunlet that Cyperpunks threw down, We will 
>provide the complete set of algoritms and free demo systems - we will not be 
>asking you to sign a NDA or anything like that, but we do want it to be a 
>two way street - if we put our head in your guillotene, to be chopped 
>off by the warlord and his minions, then we expect you to perform 
>reciprocal actions.

I'd like to go on record as being interested in looking at this.  Thanks!

>There has never been an idea advanced, where the orginator was not 
>thought of as a crank - Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., "Over Teacups"
But not all those thought of as cranks are originators of worthwhile ideas ...

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