ref on crypto formalism

L. McCarthy lmccarth at
Mon Feb 13 20:44:56 PST 1995

Pierre writes:
> I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere a companion paper titled something
> like "An algebra of authentication"... hmmm  maybe even in CACM...
> [...15 minutes later...] Unfortunately some of my CACMs are in hiding
> and not properly indexed... It was work done at DEC SRC in Palo Alto,
> there must be some research reports too.
> If somebody has refs for any of these, it would be great if you'd
> post them.
SRC Research Report 39	A Logic of Authentication
Michael Burrows, Martin Abadi, and Roger Needham
February 28, 1989	48 pages
SRC Research Report 70	A Calculus for Access Control in Distributed Systems
M. Abadi, M. Burrows, B. Lampson, G. Plotkin
March 4, 1991	52 pages
SRC Research Report 83	Authentication in Distributed Systems: Theory and 
Butler Lampson, Martin Abadi, Michael Burrows, Edward Wobber
February 4, 1992
SRC Research Report 117	Authentication in the Taos Operating System
Edward Wobber, Martin Abadi, Mike Burrows, and Butler Lampson
December 10, 1993	38 pages

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