Zimmerphone, IPhone, NetPhone, Maven...

Michael Sattler msattler at jungle.com
Mon Feb 13 19:11:53 PST 1995

At 11:46 2/13/95, usviszpz at ibmmail.com wrote:

>For those for whom this is already old news, I would like to ask: any idea if
>this technology is related in any way to VoicePGP? If not, any thoughts on the
>development ramifications of this for VoicePGP?

This is not related in any way to VoicePGP (which PRZ calls PGPFone and I
call the Zimmerphone).  On the CU-SeeMe discussion mailing list we've been
hashing out the performance of the costware IPhone (Windoze) and NetPhone
(Mac), and the freeware Maven (Mac).  They all suck less over 14.4.

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