DNA ink

Brian D Williams talon57 at well.sf.ca.us
Mon Feb 6 14:13:47 PST 1995

>>Lucky Green says:
>> At 10:30 PM 2/5/95, Dan Harmon wrote:
>>I just saw an item on CNN about a company in LA called Art Guard. 
>>It sells an ink that is created using your dna as a protection
>>against forged signatures.
>> Why not just sign in blood?

>The same occured to me.


 Yes, this would work even better! If the ink just contained your
DNA, someone could use PCR to duplicate it! If you actually signed
in blood, they would have to match the type and if a white blood
cell was there they would have to "forge" the mitochondria since
they have different DNA! This is not to mention other blood

 There is prime material here for Klaus! on the the difficulties of
running "blood remailers" "anonymous bloodletting," etc.....

Brian D Williams

"Prime material here"  heh heh!

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