dna ink

root root at einstein.ssz.com
Mon Feb 6 19:27:53 PST 1995

> Lucky Green says:
> > At 10:30 PM 2/5/95, Dan Harmon wrote:
> > >I just saw an item on CNN about a company in LA called Art Guard.  It
> > >sells an ink that is created using your dna as a protection against
> > >forged signatures.
> > 
> > Why not just sign in blood?
> The same occured to me.
> Perry
The blood is water soluble and many of the componants breakdown over time. By
injecting DNA (which has lifetimes measured in millions of years) in some kind
of matrix (ie epoxy or cyanoacetates) it becomes possible to create a modern
'seal' similar to the wax seals of yesteryear. In the case of the old seals it
was not the wax which provided the protection but rather the symobigy that was
embedded in it (ie DNA).

And you thought that T Rex forward from the dinosaur mailing list about DNA
from dinosaur bones was unrelated to crypto......bwahahahahaha


ps You really should go take a look at the mathematics used to 'bridge' gaps
   in the DNA strands.

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