Demonizing Denning

Ray Cromwell rcromw1 at
Thu Oct 6 18:05:32 PDT 1994


  Demonizing Denning might not be a total waste of time. It often works
in politics, so if Denning were more in the public eye, it might be
effective. If Denning were ever to be appointed to public office, say
as a head of cryptopolicy (if said position is ever created), ad
hominem attacks could be a successful tool for activism.

  My personal opinion is Denning is a well-meaning pawn, and the real
people to worry about are those who are hidden from our view who
are making cryptopolicy. Look at the NII proposal and its 
tracable digicash clause. Someone had to be amending this stuff, and it's 
not Al Gore. 

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