ANNOUNCE: SF Bay Area Physical Meeting 8 Oct 94

Eric Hughes hughes at
Wed Oct 5 20:51:11 PDT 1994

What: SF Bay Area Physical Cypherpunks Meeting
When: Saturday, 8 Oct 94
      12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Silicon Graphics, Mt. View (directions below)

(Provisional) Theme: Intellectual "Property"

    Mark Hosler of Negativland will be our (provisional) guest.  He's
told me he's planning on showing, but I've not been able to confirm
with him in the last few days.  For those of you who don't know what
Negativland is, they're a music group who got into a fracas with
Island Records and their own label SST over a recording Negativland
did entitled "U2".

    Mark/Negativland have a new book coming out called _Fair Use_,
which is a complete history of the whole affair with both commentary
and a complete set of primary source documents.  

    Our theme, therefore, will be intellectual property, information
distribution, sampling, etc., with, of course, applications to

    We will also, as always, welcome and expect topics and
presentations from the attendees.  If you've got something you want to
present, you've got the time here.  If you've got something you want
to discuss, you can have the floor to lead a discussion of it.

    All are welcome, whether or not you've ever been to a cypherpunks
meeting before or not.


  Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  Building 5 (SGI Cafeteria)
  2025 North Shoreline Boulevard
  Mountain View, CA

>From 101 take Shoreline East.  This is towards Shoreline Amphitheatre.
It's also "logical east", and points more north that east.  (That is,
it's east with respect to 101 North, which points west near the exit.)
If you're coming in on 101 South, you'll cross over the bridge.

Continue on Shoreline and go past a whole bunch of other SGI
buildings.  Turn right onto Steirlin Court at the big red metal
sculpture.  There will be even more SGI buildings surrounding
you--take note of the building numbers.  Go almost to the end of this
street.  Building 5 is on the right.

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