Clipper: Denning v Barlow Debate on AOL

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Thu Mar 10 22:00:40 PST 1994

RayDude writes:

> This is a captured chat from the Time Magazine, Time Odeon Online Forums.
> On America Online, my handle is RayDude.

> Barlow1    : improved traffic analysis. Content is less important 
>              than context, and most agents will
> Barlow1    : support this.
> Shuddup    : (6) I really don't accept the traffic analysis 
>              argument. That's too much work!
> COUNTMINDO : (6) i just don't like having a product forced on me, 
>              we don't all have to buy FORD's if we want to
> COUNTMINDO : (6) deal with the government
> RPTime     : Another question from the audience.  JCMaille asks...

> PaulR42    : (6) Cool, RayDude!

K00L, RayDewd! Like, I'm glad dewdz like you can , like, _follow_ this
stuff. Maybe you can translate it into ordinary prose for old farts
like me, who favore multi-sentence paragraphs and even reasonably
thorough explications of ideas that don't fit into a single line of

No insult to Arsen Ray is meant, and there may even be some nuggets in
there I missed. But it sure does reinforce my hatred for "IRC" and
similar fora for the attention-challenged. From what I could see
scrolling by from Ms. Denning, she wasn't getting into the "dewd
repartee" either, showing that we have at least one thing in common.

Repartee has its place, and we all do it. But the format here is not
conducive to getting views exchanged and coherent thoughts developed.
What a waste. 

Me, I'm not as polite as Ms. Denning. About one minute into this I
woulda said "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here!"

--Tim May

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