Clipper: Denning v Barlow Debate on AOL

Arsen Ray Arachelian rarachel at
Thu Mar 10 23:50:18 PST 1994

Also, another limitation of America Online's chat is that you can't
send a paragraph.  You can only send a small two line (about 50 chars
each line) message. Hence all the damn fragmentation... :-)

Sorry if it's too much of a hassle for you guys to follow.  At least
you can see it from my viewpoint as I saw it live.  The official
version will [un]fortunatly not have all that neat stuff in it...

As Gibson (was it Gibson) said on his trip to Singapore as documented
in Wired, "I miss all the fractals" referring to the litter on the
streeet. :-)

Now, imagine if EVERYONE could see all 85 folks talking at the same
time in this manner.  The fragmentation caused by what you saw was
only from about 6 folks + the folks on stage!!!!!

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