Destroying Data (Re: Remailer Policies)

Yanek Martinson yanek at
Sun Dec 20 05:45:43 PST 1992

> logs.  However, I would not censor any transmissions.  I would stop
> accepting mail from a site given enough reasonable complaints.

That would not help in the least.  The person can still send mail 
through your system, they would just not use you as the first hop.
> Dido for me.  I would make an attempt to destroy all of my data if an
> attempt were made to take the equipment or access the data by a government

Make sure you don't think 'rm -rf /remailer-logs' actually destroys data.
It merely de-allocates the i-nodes.  You need to know which physical
device the filesystem is on, (let's call id /hdxxx) and then do
'cat /dev/null > /dev/hdxxx' which overwrites with zeroes all data
on that partition.  For that reason it may be preferable to keep all
such information opn a filesystem of their own, so you don't have to
destroy much other data along with it.

If you use swapping or paging, you need to clear out those devices
too, and then turn the machine off to remove all data in RAM.

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