Destroying Data (Re: Remailer Policies)

peter honeyman honey at
Sun Dec 20 07:56:42 PST 1992

> Make sure you don't think 'rm -rf /remailer-logs' actually destroys data.
> It merely de-allocates the i-nodes.  You need to know which physical
> device the filesystem is on, (let's call id /hdxxx) and then do
> 'cat /dev/null > /dev/hdxxx' which overwrites with zeroes all data
> on that partition.  

not quite.  you need something like

  dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/xxx bs=verybig conv=sync

this will zero out every block on the disk.  but this is overkill --
why not just apply this technique to the individual logs, zeroing
out their data blocks?


ps:  is it certain that zeroing out the data blocks thoroughly destroys
the data?  i've heard that a "shadow" of some sort may remain.

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