Paranoia and Cypherpunks

David Clunie dclunie at
Sun Dec 13 16:10:48 PST 1992

> Headline: "CIA chief hints change needed in ban on probing Americans"
> Excerpts:
>  	WASHINGTON--CIA Director Robert Gates says changes might be  
> needed in the U.S. law that forbids the agency from collecting  
> information about Americans or U.S. companies.
> 	Such changes might enable the CIA to better support the  
> Justice Department and other law enforcement agencies, he said in an  
> interview with the Associated Press.

Juding by what I read in "The Puzzle Palace" the other day, I gather no
such ban exists on the NSA doing this. Hardly seems to matter much
whether one has two "Big Brothers" watching over use or just one !
And the budget of the NSA is a hell of a lot bigger than the CIA.


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