Random numbers (and big primes, too!)

wcs at anchor.ho.att.com wcs at anchor.ho.att.com
Sun Dec 13 19:08:48 PST 1992

Timothy May writes:
> Announcing a New Service: "Primes 'r Us"
> Your full-service crypto dealer.
> -specializing in selling large primes to those gullible enough to use them

Actually, I may decide to talk my wife into running such a service. 
It will have at least one customer (me), and any more who want to buy primes
or key pairs, given the level of trust we can provide (moderate, but...).

Why, you ask?  Well, she's about to buy a new computer for her business,
as well as personal use, and the amount you can depreciate or expense depends
on the percentage of time you've used the machine for business.
Calculating primes can take a *large* percentage of your idle time,
and what matters for tax purposes are the percentages and whether you do or
don't make a profit for the year, not *which* activities of the same business
are profitable...
			Signed, Pat Pending

P.S. Yeah, I know, now that I've told you guys the secret, the bottom will
drop out of the market because you can generate primes faster on your Cray
than we can on a 386.  Sigh....

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