Suggest splitting things up

Mitra mitra at
Thu Dec 3 19:36:42 PST 1992

Sure Eric, 

I'm on SCO unix (i.e. non compatible with everyone else - I cant even 
get perl running yet), I've added the following lines to my .maildelivery

To	cypherpunks at	|	A	inews -0 -a list -n list.cypherpunks
Cc	cypherpunks at	|	A	inews -0 -a list -n list.cypherpunks
Apparently-To	cypherpunks at	|	A	inews -0 -a list -n list.cypherpunks

This catches the three most common address headers, unfortunately the
mailing list at cypherpunks doesnt behave like a well-behaved reflecter
should and put its own address in the header (most would add "Sender:
cypherpunks at")

All this does is pipe messages that match the headers into inews with the args
following. Those args are:

-0	An extension I added, which makes inews always return 0 (otherwise
	our braindead delivery agent "mmdf" cycles forever trying to deliver
	bad messages and creating a HUGE dead.article.	
-a list	Add an "Approved: list" line so that inews will post it to a moderated
-n list.cypherpunks	Stick it in the newsgroup "list.cypherpunks"

list.cypherpunks is set up moderated, with the moderater being 
cypherpunks at

Happy gatewaying, if someone has a better way of doing this then let me 

- Mitra

Mitra                                                  mitra at
Technical Director, Pandora Systems                    (415)488-0944

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