Suggest splitting things up

Eric Hughes hughes at
Thu Dec 3 18:35:51 PST 1992

A word on the subject of altering the list from the list maintainer.

There's been lots of discussion about splitting up the list into
various pieces.  In a word, it's not going to happen.

Look, this is the cypherpunks list.  Cypherpunks write code.  A
corollary to this is that cypherpunks take responsibility for the
volume of mail they receive.  If you're getting too much mail, use a
filter.  Many of you may not know that the remailer software as
currently configured pressed into service just such a filter.

In the just-announced ftp site, there's the source code, in perl, to
just such a filter.  You can change it to do whatever you like.  In
particular, you can install it to filter all your cypherpunks mail to
a separate mailbox, file, or subdirectory.

You can also use MH, whose slocal the above perl filter was based on.
slocal can filter all of your cypherpunks mail to separate places.

You can also send all of your cypherpunks mail to a separate directory
and use a newsreader to read it.  I've never done this, but certain
list members have.  If one of them (say, Mitra, who recently mentioned
that he does this) would post a short summary of how it's done to the
list and offer to answer questions off-line, I'd appreciate it.


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