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slightly [different: whether or not s

found this 01-23 2000
01-26 1431 -0500

i am out of water and am in a hot area
i have some really strong goal conflicts, one wants to resonate with a rare
community and other wants to deter psychotic/floating /body-takeover
behaviors. i’m strongly funny around unexpected recent public social

we moght have fogured out some of “painting over” a horrible internal
experience where parts of ( ervous system) are “replaced” by misbehaving
similar things that hold more influence impact and disrespect reality and
identity (and choice and tend to be aggressive and impatient …)
it looks like it’s possible it so etimes happens when a part engages
something while another part refrains from doing so, and the thing of
interest wires toward the engaging part and away fro. the refraining part,
corrupting memories and motor skills, and producing numbness.

this email won’t semd 01-26 1440
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