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grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Jan 22 22:38:58 PST 2024

Alexander Soros signals for assassination of Trump...

Recall that Gretchen Whitmer had carefully arranged "86 45" as
the background on her desk for her 2020 television appearance,
turned out that plot got exposed having fabricated setup issues too...

Recall all the Democrat politicians, including Kamala, inciting violence...

Alexander Soros has been meeting in White House many many times...

JFK was a CIA Deep State operation...

The US terminated redemption of Silver and Gold Certificate banknotes,
the US people, and everyone else in the world, now has worthless paper
and Corrupt Behemoth Governments as a result, and the US and World
Govts and Banksters are trying to kill off and or commandeer Crypto...
Everyone only noticed the bullet and the $47 in cash.
@AlexanderSoros’s death threat against President Trump is much deeper.
Read my post below to see how much more sinister this threat is. 👇🏻
Laura Loomer
Jan 22
. at AlexanderSoros is the son of @georgesoros. His post tonight is a
direct threat of violence against President Trump. If you look closely
at the photo in the @TheAtlantic article Alex Soros posted tonight,
there is a call for assassination embedded in the pictures. Not only
does one of the pictures have a single bullet hole through glass, and
not only is $47 of cash seen, but there’s messaging conveyed through
the arrangement of the money. While some of the bills are upside down
with obfuscated writing, “States of America” is legible on one of the
bills. On another bill, the finger is covering the face of the US
President. And on another bill, the words “silver certificate” are
legible. The $47 in cash is a reference to the 47th President of the
United States Of America (Donald Trump). Silver Bullet= simple
guaranteed solution for a difficult problem =certificate Alex Soros is
conveying that “the silver bullet” for $47 is death and that a
financial award will be paid to the person who does it. This is a
threat against the life of President Trump. The son of George Soros
and @TheAtlantic are suggesting they will give an award to whoever
kills 47. This assassination threat needs to be taken very seriously.
@SecretService @FBI @JasonMillerinDC @LaCivitaC @TeamTrump @DanScavino
@TheStevenCheung @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump RECEIPTS!
Laura Loomer
Jan 22
A bullet hole through broken car glass and $47 in cash.
@AlexanderSoros is inciting violence against President Trump.
Jan 22, 2024 · 5:03 AM UTC

Michael Tracey
I can confirm witnessing Laura get ejected from the Dean Phillips
event tonight in Manchester. The (bipartisan) persecution of Laura
continues! Dean’s campaign might have to change their slogan to
“Everyone’s invited… except Laura Loomer!”

WATCH: Tonight I asked Democrat Presidential candidate @marwilliamson
Marianne Williamson how many votes she thinks Democrat Presidential
candidate @NikkiHaley is going to take away from her tomorrow at the
New Hampshire primary after @BarackObama’s campaign manager
@davidplouffe told Democrat donors and voters to support @NikkiHaley
with their votes and their money. Why is Barrack Hussein Obama’s
progressive campaign apparatus, along with @HillaryClinton’s donor
base and @MSNBC and @CNN backing @NikkiHaley instead of the
progressive Democrat candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire?
@JoeBiden isn’t even on the New Hampshire ballot. Nikki Haley is the
leading Democrat Candidate on the ballot in New Hampshire. Nikki has
the @DNC seal of approval and has been endorsed by Barrack Obama’s
campaign manager.
"Nikki! Will you marry me?" Nikki Haley: "Are you gonna vote for me?"
"I'm voting for Trump..." "Oh. Get out of here!"

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