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Mon Jan 15 19:24:04 PST 2024

a text adventure snippet to paste into gmail


You [...].
What do you?

> Look around.

You're [...]. [...] is here.

> Greet the [...]

You smile and wave and the [...] grins at you and runs up to chat.

> show the [...] how excited i am; grin and wave back and chat excitedly and hug them

You and the [...] hug and chat excitedly. There is so much to talk
about! The [...] asks if you would walk down the pier
with them. They want to show you something.

> yes!

The [...] and you walk toward the end of the pier. The wind is a
little brisk and waves are lapping. It smells of salt
and seaweed and other things. A gull calls.

> keep walking. see what it is.

You reach the end of the pier and the [...] leans down and shows you
an amulet that is affixed to the undercorner of the dock
with seaweed that was caught through it and dried into place. The
amulet glows faintly.

The [...] shrugs at you. "What do you think it is?"

> tell them it's an amulet

The [...] looks at you attentively. They have never heard of an amulet before.

> get the amulet. will it hurt us if it's put around one of our necks?

You reach down and pick it up. It takes a little strength and flexibility. The
[...] holds your hand so you don't fall.  It pulls away from the seaweed and
you pocket it.

You don't know what will happen if it is worn, but amulets in this area have
been said to have mysterious and powerful attributes.

> wear the amulet. Warn the [...] that i might turn into a goose or something.

The [...] {expresses concern and fear and reaches to stop you but is
too late [for you have already put it on
    <i think the patterns here have a dispute, and might like for the
scenarios to always pause when there is
     concern raised partly through. that idea sounds nice in general,
less important in fake games>
        <it lets the plahyer decide if they :)>

The [...] would get very scared for your wellbeing if you put on an ...

> how do we figure out [wh

> is this fantasy or realistic?
        it's fantasy i'm sorry
> what are amulets an analogy to that's real?
            uhh they have mysteriousness and specialness and rareness
            they also have high expense
> thinking of things we don't know a lot about that imbue us with power or aid
[oops oops
> let's do experiments on the amulet to figure out what it does! say this excitedly to the [...]

The [...] is so excited that you know what to do with the amulet they thought
was so interesting! They want to help with the experiments.

> Take the amulet to a skilled person to analyze.
> Sorry.
> Walk back up the pier with the [...] unless [...] wants to do more at the end of the pier. Ask if they know anybody who might be curious or smart. [mayube they know a lot of people

we found we can write more if we start with vague parts [the parts
that discretize to a stopping concern i bet]

2223 ny time
i'm back in gmail and my keyboard is working again
it was interesting to use tmux tho!

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