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it’s 2035 -0500 01-10, i’m on an hour late flight to nevada [i was in the
back row and the staff moved us forward for craft balance, i’m now assigned
to the same 3 seats as a woman who made eye contact with me before the


why traffick boss is a tinker—


oops ! ?

i brought my ledger wallet with half my social security backpayment in it.
i have it in a soldered copper pipe to try to defend shelding and
information security a little. i opened the pipe to put it through the
x-ray machines. the attendant started fingering it and trying to take the
parts out (they’re delicate and hard to manipulate); i told him that it was
a digital wallet, that i put t in a copper pipe to keep the funds safe, and
that i had opened it so they could look inside (cause to me it looked like
a bomb closed, i’ve never seen a real bomb). he seemed happy and satisfied
hearing this.

they put this thick copper pipe and tiny digital object thru the machine
and looked at it for a long time. i usually expect myself to raise stuff
with security, but it only happens maybe half the time (unlike e.g. an
activist friend said she sas searched every single time). it seemed fine to
me (they also checked who i was and let me know they were investigati—[but


we did some parts therapy with, and it was _so_, holy frack, they move so
fast, my poor brain parts are over ten years old


building a paper airplane in C and javascript

let x = sum(1,1)
if x > airplane wing:
  fold airplane {in half, wing : x % 2}

the pl
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