Anti War: Thread

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Wed Jan 10 00:38:49 PST 2024

Bad news for the West: Russia will spend $160 billion on defense and
security in 2024 and the Russian Finance Minister calls it the victory
budget. Russia pays 75% less for similar or better weapon systems
compared to the US / NATO because Russia doesn’t allow its defense
industry to rip them off. So any plane, missile, tank or artillery
ammunition costs Russia only 25% of what the US is paying. This means
that a $160 billion Russian military budget is comparable to $640
billion in the United States. It’s also worth noting that Russia
doesn’t waste trillions on fancy Navy ships and fighter jets that
don’t work. Instead it has focused on building the most powerful
nuclear arsenal in the world, long range hypersonic missiles that can
sink airplane carriers and autonomous nuclear powered torpedoes that
travers the oceans without ever needing to refuel. They carry the
largest nuclear warheads known to men and are nearly undetectable.
Imagine the most powerful nuclear explosion on the shores of New York
City generating a hundred meter tall tsunami of radioactive water
destroying the entire city and turning it into an uninhabitable
wasteland for centuries. In addition Russia has a fleet of Super EMP
satellites in a high orbit above Earth with nuclear payloads. When
detonated they can destroy the entire power grid and all civilian
telecommunication systems in the US in an instant. The US military is
used to fighting the least sophisticated enemies. It’s easy to bully
any nation that doesn’t have peer capabilities. The US Govt killed
over 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WW2 but it never
bullied anyone who could destroy the United States, until now.
Americans and citizens of NATO countries need to understand that the
West cannot win against Russia on the battlefield. Every day without
diplomacy and peace negotiations is bringing humanity closer to
self-destruction. You already know that the Biden administration is
the most inept and embarrassing Government America has ever had. Don’t
let those arrogant, corrupt and incompetent fools destroy the world.
Demand peace. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

General Mike Flynn
Jan 9
Americans need to stop thinking this will be a major regional war or
as the military calls it a “major regional conflict.” We are in the
initial stages of a much bigger, global conflict, and the conclusion &
consequences are far greater than anyone can currently say. We simply
don’t know how this will end…we just know things are not going in our
favor principally due to those leading our nation. War is a failure of
policy (and our U.S. foreign policy, globally, is a disaster), war is
a failure of leadership at the highest levels (and man, have we seen a
complete breakdown of leadership in the WH, the IC, at State, and most
recently at DOD), and lastly, war is a racket. If you pray to a higher
being, pray tonight and every night for the men and women serving in
uniform, who willingly sacrifice for each one of us so we can sleep
soundly at night. May God continue to bless and protect America

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