Cryptocurrency: Bankster Warren Launches WarOnCrypto To Kill Freedom, Wallets, Miners, Fight Back!!!

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Tue Jan 9 00:14:25 PST 2024

> Attention Elizabeth Warren... GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!

Video: Bankster Admits: Warren's Anti-Crypto Kitchen-Sink
Masterpiece Bill was written... by BANKERS for BANKERS !!!

John E Deaton
9 Dec 2023
Banking Committee, @ewarren violated her oath. Her job is to provide
and engage in actual oversight of the @SECGov. Instead, she conspired
with her close friend @GaryGensler, not only giving him the exact
questions she would ask before a hearing, but also the suggested
answers to those same questions. That isn’t oversight - it’s
fraudulent, coached testimony before Congress. She literally said that
she didn’t want to place Gensler in a tough spot. Are you f’ing
kidding me? HER JOB is to place the Chairman of the SEC in a tough
spot - asking hard hitting or “tough” questions. Think about this:
Elizabeth Warren is 💯 the single biggest critic of #Bitcoin and
Crypto in the U.S. Congress. She sits on the Banking Committee
overseeing the SEC. And yet, she hasn’t asked the SEC or Gensler about
SBF’s multiple meetings with Gensler and the SEC. She hasn’t
questioned why or how Gensler MISSED SBF’s Fraud, considering his up
and close meetings with SBF. And why was Gensler meeting with SBF
multiple times? Gensler wasn’t meeting with @brian_armstrong
@iampaulgrewal and the @coinbase team - despite Coinbase begging for
meetings and being the largest exchange in America and also a U.S.
publicly traded company! No. Instead, Gensler was meeting with the CEO
of an OFF SHORE exchange in the Bahamas who turned out to be the
Bernie Madoff of Crypto. In her job overseeing the SEC, why hasn’t
Warren asked for those meeting notes like @PatrickMcHenry and the
@FinancialCmte have? Warren preaches against Crypto every chance she
can, but doesn’t ask why Gensler missed @FTX_Official @CelsiusNetwork
Luna/UST, etc.? Why not? She found time to help kill a couple banks
that worked with Crypto companies. Why not focus on the source of the
problem: actual fraud? Is she not asking certain questions because of
her own ties to SBF’s parents? SBF’s father - Joe Bankman wrote
Warren’s tax plan in 2016. We know without a doubt that he helped SBF
create all those shell companies to avoid taxes. SBF’s Mother runs a
PAC to help Democrats, like Warren, take get elected. I have over 600
#XRP holders who live in Massachusetts and who are her constituents.
We begged Warren’s office to inquire about the SEC and do her job. Not
only would she not give us the time of day, her staff said “The
Senator is never going to help considering the SEC sued a couple
billionaires” aka @chrislarsensf & @bgarlinghouse. What kind of
position is that? Regular hard working people, including hundreds of
her constituents, be damned, as long as a couple billionaires get
screwed as well?
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