Wokeism is Doomed

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Tue Jan 9 00:04:37 PST 2024

"I’m lost on the lingo. Is a trans kid an adult who identifies as a kid?"
7 Dec 2023
Unlike Republicans, we stand with trans kids across the country.

"The task of making annual donations to charity has gotten difficult
in recent years. Many arts non-profits have swallowed DEI whole,
implementing policies which are racist, illegal, and risk their
tax-exempt status. LGB(T++) non-profits now push harmful
gender-affirming "care"."

"The mainstream is awakening to what DEI is really about.
Unfortunately, it’s only one symptom of a much larger issue. It’s an
Instrumental Convergence / Paperclip maxxing problem of sorts. The
cult of short-sighted smug maxxing feel-gooders is destroying Western
Jan 4
Mark @mcuban, That’s exactly what I thought until I did the work. I
encourage you to do the same and revert. DEI is not about diversity,
equity or inclusion. Trust me. I fell for the same trap you did. Bill

"No surprise. Expectation is the boards of these schools were fully
bought in, if not explicitly directing the testimony. Did they do the
math on their donor base and determine that it was net positive to
take this approach? Or, was cost not a concern in furthering an
10 Dec 2023
I wouldn’t call this memo from then-Dean Claudine Gay to the faculty
prior to becoming president a smoking gun. I would call it a business
plan. This is the plan the @Harvard board bought into when they hired
President Gay.

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