Fwd: Mayor Eric Adams NYCCoin Touting

Gunnar Larson g at xny.io
Sun Jan 7 07:13:27 PST 2024

Dear Erik:

As my city council man, can I count on you to deliver on these NYCCoin
records from the Mayor's office?

Thank you,


Gunnar Larson
xNY.io - Bank.org

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From: Gunnar Larson <g at xny.io>
Date: Fri, Mar 10, 2023, 4:00 PM
Subject: Mayor Eric Adams NYCCoin Touting
To: <PressOffice at cityhall.nyc.gov>
Cc: <district3 at council.nyc.gov>, Harris, Adrienne A (DFS) <
Adrienne.Harris at dfs.ny.gov>

Please find the attached memo with reference footnotes.


March 10, 2023


Ms. Camille Joseph Varlack
Office of the Mayor of New York City
City Hall Park, 260 Broadway
New York, NY 10007 United States
PressOffice at CityHall.NYC.gov

Re: Mayor Eric Adams NYCCoin Touting

Dear Ms. Joseph Varlack:

Today’s memo is to kindly submit xNY.io - Bank.org's inquiry into Mayor
Eric Adams' promotion of NYCCoin.


   The federal securities laws are clear that any celebrity or individual
   who promotes digital assets must disclose the nature, source and amount of
   compensation they received in exchange for the promotion.

   As a matter of ethics, risk and compliance associated with digital asset
   innovation, xNY.io asks if NYCCoin promotion by the Mayor of New York City
   damaged the market for the xNY digital asset (by, for example, devaluing it
   through parody or sealed via embossed criticism).

   xNY.io - Bank.org concerns made above have evidentiary support to
   interlocking director and officer conflicts recognized by the Department of
   Justice as potential threats that stifle individual and corporate freedom.

Ms. Joseph Varlack, as a matter relating to working at one of the world's
most ethical companies, famous for risk management and corporate
governance, and as an internationally recognized Blockchain Scholar, I must
adhere to federal securities laws.


   As such, I classify Mayor Adams as an individual who promoted the
   digital asset NYCCoin and must disclose the nature, scope, and amount of
   compensation associated.

A failure to disclose this information may violate the anti-touting
provisions of the federal securities laws. Mayor Adams' making these
endorsements may also be liable for potential violations of the anti-fraud
provisions of the federal securities laws, for participating in an
unregistered offer and sale of securities, and for acting as unregistered

xNY.io - Bank.org respectfully requests the Office of the Mayor of New York
City to respond to this request by Wednesday March, 15 2023 by Noon EST.

Respectfully yours with appreciation,

Gunnar Larson - xNY.io <http://www.xny.io> - Bank.org
- Digital Currency
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ip)
G at xNY.io  +1-917-580-8053
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