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2050 2024-01-06 new york time

influences directed me to this reddit post
it is a bubble tea shop with a dragon coming down from the ceiling. i
think it is a metal dragon.

bubble tea is weird, i had it once, i was like 'why is this a thing'.


so. let's design a direct-to-cell satellite transciever. to make it
harder, it'll be full bandwidth.

i'm thinking, what if we were to use the uhh what's-it-called,
transmission heterodyning effect? to use a higher-frequency carrier
for the microwave signal so it coudl be beamed straight to people's
phones using lasers, and then the interference pattern of lasers would
reconstruct the microwaves at their phone --
maybe? this would take incredible precision, way way to omuch
precision. it could be a little like making a giant death ray from
space except the ray is weak and you're trying not to burn anytihng
rather than to burn it all up.

then to receive the signal we could aim radio telescopes at specific
points on the ground where the people are standing !

next step is to beam thoughts straight to their brains. let's start
with direct-to-cell.

the nice thing about radio technology is you don't have to be in a
satellite to engineer it. you could make it right down on the ground.
but how do i get 340 miles away from anything [in order to try
communicating with it [too much [similar/wrong/maybe?] with real life
>( !]]
have to run and run across the country in order to talk to friend [oh
you are too close to me, let me drive a couple states away ande then
we can videochat in secondlife UwU UwU [maybe?] [:S] [dissociation T_T
traffick boss is having a seizure-sauna
he's sitting in some bubbling water with a bunch of other people
they're all flailing every which way, writhing, slamming their heads
into gentle water, thrashing their limbs
robots and butlers stand by and [help] them, keeping their heads above
water so they don't drown and their thrashing away from hard surfaces
so they don't inj --
[:( the expressions imply we injure ourselves.
i've started sleeping w --

traffick boss [in seizure sauna]: [thrash! slam! convulse! thrash!]
he jerks his head against the water as if slamming it into a wall
his eyes are rolled back into his sockets

butler [helping traffick boss]: "let me gently protect you! ... do not
worry, the water is soft!"

traffick boss can't hear butler at al lhe is too busy expressing intensity


traffick boss is riding a souped-up-tank. it's a military tank that's
been [upgraded like a sports car to go fast and have flashy lights and
..... --

runaway powersuits
runaway powersuits are simulating a game of cards in janitor's office,
deep inside the bowels of the earth
runaway powersuit 4: "do you have any aces"
runaway powersuit 2: "go fish"
runaway powersuit 2 discards 3 aces
... detective ....
in the heart of the earth, magma roils --

in the heart of the roiling magma, the feelings of rocks merge and
dance in a slurry
the feelings of rocks, in the heart of roiling magma.
the magma roils, and wonders as to its feelings.
it tries feeling some magma this way, some other magma this other way
the two kinds of magma gush into each other and roil around
[the earth is thinking?]

traffick boss's nervous system

some curious teenagers use some random new technology to shrink and
teleport themselves into a tiny body-ship that can navigate traffick
boss's body
they set a course from some of his synaptic junctures to see what's so
weird about traffick boss's synaptic junctions
in their universe, traffick boss now seems as big as a city! and his
nerves are big things they can look at

poor traffick boss has demyelination
some of his nerves are suspect!
there are bundles of nanites that are measuring the axon firings
and then stimulating the nerves where neurotransmitter w ---

traffick boss goes on a nervous system fun-park-ride
a big ferris wh--
big ferris wheel + traffick boss's nerves.
hey, that's like the DMN!
when you think something over and over again, the --
'i have a question'
'ohhh questions. hmm. can you ask it slowly?'
'uhhh maybe?'
'what is one of the letters that is in the question?'
'hmmm. T.'
'is it a nice T or a mean T?"
'kinda mean.'
'that's probably how much question we usually use.'

'is there a better question i could ask?'

why is traffick boss a Tinker-winker ???? why ?? do you know ???
do you know why ---

traffick boss and ---

welcome to the list that is presently called the cypherpunks list
i think when i was young, like a teenager or something, i used to
consider this list cool or edgy or something, not sure
actually i think i wasn't even lurking on the list, i think ihad just
heard of it, and thought things like 'if i ever get into hacking into
people's systems, i could go on that list' i don't really remember
i'm not sure :S
maybe i have it confused with another list

anyway now all the history is wiped or whatever, or at least the
memories? nobody knows what it is any more :S

but i get the impression it kind of defended a culture of being
creative and figuring things out
that's basically the old hacking culture i guess, like mit's hacking or what
don't really know

anyway now i am 40 years old, not a teenager, and i post to this list
_all the time_. i post crazy random stuff. i've made most of the posts
the last few years. they're just kind of um --

when i say 'crazy random --

i think i stayed on the list to stay up on computer security or something?
anyway coderman told me to get on it, related digitopolitical targeted or such
it was the same old list when i did, but after a few years of lurking
and huge bombs of spam from me, it's not any more.

i have a way nowadays of stimulating bad things.


MISTAKE. too weak for these mistakes.


reminder: when i was teenager nobody used the internet. hacking-into
wasn't a crime then.


i did see a whitehat virus once! i had --





once upon a time, little bo peep was stewarding a lamb and a sheep
'ho there sheep!' said little bo beep
'baaaah' said the sheep or the lamb
little bo beep loved sheep!
when little bo beep was a little girl in her shephard family, she
would go out to the sheep and talk to them
one of them would let her ride it around and --

a wiry robot is sitting inside a boulde...
abc abc abc abc def def def def abc def ghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abc abc
abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc
once upon once! once upon a once. time ; time ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

it would be ni--

wait what if it--
abc abc
2238 !

maybe we could figure out a way to use free LLMs to resolve exotic
medical and mental health problems, like cancer or an amputated limb
or a dissociative disorder or somebody's homework

basically LLMs can perform simple tasks that relate to the common
usages of words, i guess maybe i dunno ?


ok say you wanted to use an LLM to resolve cancer. let's say, rather
than eliminating carcinogens, the goal is to engage somebody with a
tumor and prevent further growth of the tumor
uh-oh! uh-oh! we might ask the llm to brainstorm ideas, or aid in
brainstorming ideas.
enumerating ideas is an incredibly helpful thing to do that could
stimulate dissociative issues in me
what if we were to avoid the enumeration of ideas?

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