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[traffick boss [to try to learn to cry ab]]
traffick boss is playing shuffleboardgolf with some of his upper staff

traffick boss [swinging at a shuffleboard disc with a 9 iron]: “man what a
rough war”

zombie government worker [pushing a golfball with a shuffleboard cue]:
“what —“

traffick boss loo —
traffick boss is pretending to be able to swim to show off to wealthy

wealthy investor knew he couldn’t swim, but goaded him — [they’re on a
cruise shi






a seedling sprouts in the woods
shafts of light opened in the canopy by traffick boss and a chipmunk




shafts of light come through gaps in the canopy nipped by wild animals
grazing for needles nuts and bark, line porcupines, or squirrels, or —

the shafts of light caress the leaves (or cotyledons (first leaves that
were stored in the seed)) of the seedling, drops of dew condense and fall
on it, and zephyrs waft CO2 by its stomata ;

and it grows !

millimeter by —


[[yesterday’s xkcd in — [it’s political 2009




today i segmented an mp4 file into b—


how to build a cockroach lens.

a cockroach lens is a lens specifically crafted for observing cockroaches.
you can craft a lens for observing anything! bricks, houses, siblings,
gutters, clouds, airplanes, cockroaches.

the key when making a purpose-crafted lens is to consider the use (and the

a naively built —

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