RNC Funding of Trump's Legal Campaign Undermines GOP State AGs' Attack on Litigation Funding - Litigation Finance Journal

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Sun Feb 18 05:11:37 PST 2024

I wrote this LitigationFinanceJournal.com article back in 2022, now I am on
the other side of it all.



Litigation Finance Journal recently reported on a group of 14 state
attorneys general that have called for action from the Department of
Justice to review potential threats to U.S. national security from foreign
adversaries’ engagement of litigation investment. Litigation funders and
industry advocates have new ammo in response to the AGs’ claims, given
recent news of the RNC funding former President Donald Trump’s various
legal entanglements.

According to ABC News, RNC leaders earmarked $1.6M in legal funding to
support President Donald Trump’s defense over lawsuits brought by New York
Attorney General Letitia James. Meanwhile, the United States Chamber of
Commerce Institute for Legal Reform’s research has prompted 14 state
attorneys general to ask for the Justice Department to assess national
security risks of adversaries ‘undermining’ the United States by engaging
litigation funding and third party investment vehicles.

The group of 14 state attorneys general are concerned about foreign
adversaries ‘weaponizing’ United States legal frameworks via litigation
investment, to attack critical national industry and infrastructure, such
as energy sectors. The group of 14 seeks the Department of Justice to
detail how a network of federal agencies could engage a blueprint for
defending United States independence from international litigation
investors, hostile groups, agencies or governments such as Russia and China.

This latest attack on the industry, prompted by the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce, is simply another attempt to undermine the nascent and growing
litigation funding sector. It is ironic, given that in the case of Consumer
Legal Funding–which the Chamber specifically targets–the funding in
question does not go to support legal fees, but rather to finance
claimants’ livelihoods while they remain injured and unable to work.

While the RNC’s funding of Trump’s legal battles does not constitute
foreign investment, it illustrates the acceptance of third party legal
funding across political lines, and should be noted by industry advocates
looking to respond to the negative publicity put forth by the U.S. Chamber.
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